Southern California Chess Federation
2018 Board Election

Voting Instructions

This year SCCF members will elect six of the twelve Board members to two year terms.

Vote for up to six candidates. Vote for any one candidate only once.

Vote online with the eBallot below; in person at the Southern California Open; or mail ballots to SCCF Elections, c/o Chuck Ensey, SDCC, PO Box 120162, San Diego CA 92112. Those voting by U.S. mail must include their name on the outside of the envelope.

The election closes at 3 p.m. on Sunday, September 2nd.

Candidate statements are below. A printable ballot is  here.

Candidate Statements

Dewain Barber

It has been my pleasure to be on the SCCF Board and represent the Southern California Chess Federation for these many years as a Delegate to US Chess, currently Delegate-at-Large. You can find more information about my chess activities at:

Brian Glover

I have been a Life member of the USCF since 1973. Currently I teach children chess through the Palms Rancho Park Library, the Westwood Library and STAR Education. I feel I will be a good candidate to help promote chess in Southern California.

Jim Mennella

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve on the SCCF Board. I have been playing tournament chess for over 40 years and hope you will allow me to continue to work on behalf of all chess players in Southern California. Thank you.

Steve Morford

I currently serve as Board President. Involvement on the Board is an opportunity to give back to a life-long hobby. We have continued to hold the line on dues and tournament entry fees. I welcome your support as the board promotes chess for all ages and levels of proficiency.

Dylan Quercia

I am the director & co-founder of CA Chess School which is dedicated to providing quality chess education. I have served on the SCCF board for several years as Secretary, and also as one of the Editors of Rank & File magazine. I would love to continue serving and promoting chess in Southern California.

Guy Reams

I want to continue to pursue my passion for promoting chess in Southern California. As a chess club owner, I understand the challenges in expanding chess in a community. My ambition is to help the SCCF along the path of modernizing our approach to tournaments, events and communications.

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