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Rank & File:

  • Rank & File - ISSN 8750-9164 USPS 738-320 is published quarterly by SCCF via its publisher at 1300 Ballista, La Puente, CA 91744.   2nd Class mail is paid at La Puente. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL ANY MATERIAL TO THIS ADDRESS!

  • Advertising Rates:

    • Full Page: $80
      Half Page: $45
      Quarter Page: $25
      Eighth Page: $15
      Back Cover: $75
      Flyer insert: $50 (advertiser must supply flyers)

    Send copy to the Editor together with check payable to SCCF.  All rates are for camera-ready copy. Fifty percent discount for tournaments requiring SCCF membership.  SCCF reserves the right to reject any advertising.

  • Copy/Advertising Deadlines:  Email the editor for further information.

  • Photograph Policy:  Black and white pictures preferred; color acceptable. Indicate players, event, date, and background information.  Mention photographer.  Preferred is a digital photograph, with 300 dpi minimum resolution minimum at publication size.  Can be delivered via email with attached file (.JPEG or .JPG preferred) or with URL of a web page for download. 

  • Game submissions: Email game to Editor, .PGN or .CBV file format preferred.  Annotations in the game are encouraged. If you like, indicate positions where you would prefer a diagram.

  • Tournament results: Results reports are highly encouraged; please include games as described above. Email a brief summary of the event, number of players, winners and highlights to the Editor via email.
  • Submissions: Preferred format: Text email or email with attached text file or .RTF or Microsoft Word documents.  Submit by email (preferred), CD sent by U.S. mail or typed pages sent by U.S. mail.

  • SCCF Dues & Change of Address: $18 for Adults, $10 for Juniors (under 19), and $10 for a Rank & File subscription only.  Send SCCF dues (includes subscription to Rank and File) and any change of address to Membership Coordinator, Randy Hough, care of 1826 Garvey Ave #5, Alhambra 91803, or email here.

Rank & File is Copyright SCCF, 2010. One-time only publication rights have been obtained from signed contributors. All other rights are hereby assigned to the authors. The opinions expressed are strictly those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the SCCF, its officers, or members.