Southern California Chess Federation State Championship Qualifiers

Below is a list of players who will be invited to the 2019 Candidates Tournament, and of upcoming qualifying tournaments. Each of the events below qualifies two players (highest scoring southern California residents not previously qualified) except that for the following: (1) In the event of a tie, all tied players will qualify; (2) A score of 60 percent is required to qualify; and (3) The SCCF Amateur, SCCF High School, SCCF Senior, and any one-day event will each have one qualifying spot. Round robin events other than the State Championship are not qualifiers. Events must have TLAs and require, or offer discounts for, SCCF membership.

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Events for the 2018-2019 Cycle

2018 Events
Date Event Qualifiers
  Memorial Day Classic Nicky Korba
  Pacific Southwest Open Robert Shlyakhtenko
  Pacific Coast Open Cameron Wheeler
  SoCal Open Championship Gabriel Sam
  San Diego County Championship Stevan Djordjevic
  SLO County Championship Chris Roberts
  SCCF State Championship Anthony Ge
  American Open Danial Asaria
2019 Events
  Dreaming King Open Alexander John Costello
  San Diego Open Annie Wang
Alexandre Kretchetov
  State High School Championship Brandon Xia
  Western Class Championships Juan A Santacruz
  SCCF Senior/Junior Open Bruce Baker
George Ziegler
  Western Pacific Open None
  Memorial Day Classic TBD
N/A Buy-in Candidates TBD